7 Lower Ab Workouts for a Flat Stomach

Say goodbye to the pooch with these workouts.

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We all know it's impossible to target fat; the only way to really lose your belly is to lose body fat overall through a combination of exercise and healthy eating. But that doesn't mean you can't work your way to a flat stomach and get rid of that pesky pooch once and for all.

Combined with a nutritious diet, these workouts will have you well on your way to the tummy of your dreams.

1. Easy-to-Follow Exercises to Flatten Lower Abs

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Cassey Ho's 10-minute Pilates workout will make you feel the burn with only a handful of moves.

2. Intense 10-Minute Lower Ab Workout

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This fast-paced lower ab workout will definitely make you sweat.

3. Intermediate to Advanced Lower Ab Workout

This workout will get your heart rate up, but at least you'll get to stare at a cute puppy the whole time.

4. Best Moves for Lower Abs

Kayla Itsines, aka Queen of the Six-Pack, shares her favorite moves to get in tip-top shape.

5. Lower Ab Exercises for Muffin Tops

This workout will help you melt your muffin top. And don't worry — there are modifications for beginners.

6. Quick 5-Minute Lower Ab Workout

Everyone has time for this workout — no excuses.

7. Slowed Down Lower Abs Routine

These exercises might be done at snail speed, but don't you dare think they're easy.

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