10 Bizarrely Brilliant Uses for Panty Liners That Have Nothing to Do With Your Period

You'll be maxi-glad you know about these hacks.

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If you think panty liners are only useful for that one week each month (and then become an annoying lump taking up prime purse real estate the other three weeks), think again. They're great to have on hand when your period strikes, but their combo of soft, sanitary, and sticky make them perfect for handling many non-menstruation-related situations, too!

1. Stop Foot Sweat in Its Tracks

Wearing heels in the summer is all fun and games until your feet start sweating and your graceful strut turns into a full-on Slip'N Slide. Quickly solve this problem by sticking panty liners inside your shoes, BrazenWoman suggests. Your sweat will be absorbed in no time. Swagger on, girl, swagger on.

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2. Get Boob Sweat Under Control

Ahhh, the perks of being a woman. If you suffer from boob sweat during the hot summer months — or any time, really — simply cut a panty liner in half and stick one half to the bottom of each bra cup. When sweat drips down, it'll be there to soak it up. Three cheers for stain-free bras!

3. Sweaty Armpits? They've Got Those Covered, Too

Another common problem on humid summer days, sweaty armpits only lead to one thing: embarrassing pit stains. To avoid getting up-close-and-personal with the bathroom hand dryer before an important meeting, simply stick a panty liner onto each armpit area on the inside of your shirt. They'll keep you looking and feeling dry even on the hottest days.

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4. Clean and Temporarily Bandage a Wound

If you scrape a knee while you're out and about and don't have a first aid kit handy, a panty liner can act as a sterile wound compress in a pinch. Gently pressing the pad on the affected area helps to stop bleeding and keep everything clean until you can get a hold of proper bandages and ointments.

5. Remove Your Makeup

Cotton cosmetic pads can get expensive — especially considering all they do is remove your makeup. The next time you run out, use your favorite makeup remover liquid or toner on a panty liner instead. Your skin won't even know the difference.

6. Remove Your Nail Polish

Sometimes cotton balls are too flimsy to do the trick. Instead, wrap a panty liner around your finger, put some nail polish remover on it, and go to town on your nail polish, says blogger Maya Fitzpatrick of Mayahood.

7. Catch Drifting Eye Shadow

If your eye shadow routine often leaves you with as much powder under your eyes as on your eyelids, we have a quick solution. YouTuber Chloe Morello recommends cutting a panty liner in half and sticking one side under each eye. When loose powder falls, the liner will catch it.

8. Get Over Your Cameltoe Anxiety

We know, we know. TMI, right? But everyone has that one article of clothing (hello, yoga pants!) that requires constant cameltoe-watch. If you want to go off-duty and relax a little, simply camouflage a potential cameltoe sighting with a panty liner. Fashion stylist Christie Moeller recommends cutting the panty liner in half and turning it on its side. "The liner will create a smooth barrier between you and your pants," she writes.

9. Protect Your Floors and Tables

The next time you're moving furniture, cut a panty liner in half or quarters and stick them under the legs of your furniture. You'll be able to slide everything across the floor without any struggle — or scratches. You can also use this on vases, bookends, lamps and other home items that might scratch tabletops if they get bumped.

10. Say Goodbye to Expensive Swiffers

Who knew keeping your floors clean could be so costly? If you run out of Swiffer pads, stick a panty liner on the bottom instead. Don't own a Swiffer and looking to have some silly Saturday fun? Turn on your favorite dance tune, stick a panty liner to each foot, and get moving! Your floors will be spotless and your mood will be sky-high! 😀

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