3 Easy DIY Hacks That Will Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

The dog days can be ruff, but these simple tricks will help.

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As heatwaves sweep the nation and the sweating can't stop, won't stop, it's enough of a challenge just putting ourselves in our own shoes, much less someone else's. But it's important to remember we're not the only ones who can get overheated in the summer. Our four-legged friends might not sweat as profusely as we do when the temps shoot up (lucky dogs!), but they need to stay cool and hydrated, too.

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You already know you should never leave your pooch in hot places like a parked car, where the internal temperature can shoot up to a deadly 102 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. But dogs are at risk of heatstroke when they're outdoors, as well — especially on walks, while they're playing, or simply sitting out in the sun.

To keep your dog's temperature under 104 degrees — which it should never, ever go over — give these easy DIYs a try. They cost next to nothing and will make sure your best buddy is just as safe and comfortable as you are when the weather gets hot.

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1. Self-Filling Water Dish

Water Bowl

If you're afraid your dog will run out of water while you're out and about during the day, assemble your very own self-filling water dish. As this gif on Imgur shows, it only requires a plastic dish, piece of wood, bottle, hot glue gun, and tape to put it together in minutes.

2. Pet Doorbell

Because dogs can't talk, sometimes it's hard to know when they want to go outside, and it's even harder to know when they're ready to come in. To make sure your pup doesn't overheat because he's stuck outside, DIY this doorbell from The Daily Puppy to give him the power of speech. Train them to ring it when it's time to go potty, and you can create a second one for the outside handle so they can let you know when they're done.

3. Pet Cooling Mat

Sometimes fans aren't enough to keep your dog cool. In fact, if they're really hot, they won't do much good at all, because — fun fact! — most of dogs' sweat glands are in their feet. Another easy way to keep them cool is to put together this cooling mat from Organized31 using some old towels and cold packs. After a long walk, your buddy can sprawl out and truly chill.

Ready to beat the heat with your best friend by your side?

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