This Boy Who Lost a Leg to Cancer and His Three-Legged Dog Are the Sweetest Best Friends

'We're fighters. We're resilient. Whatever life does to us, we're going to keep going.'

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Ever since he lost his right leg to cancer, 12-year-old Quinn Scharn of Napa, California, has been asking his parents for a dog. He didn't want just any dog, though — he wanted a three-legged dog, who would be able to understand his struggle.

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Scharn's battle with cancer has been a long and complex one: When he was just a toddler, he was diagnosed with a soft-tissue cancer in his abdomen, and he underwent a year's worth of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and a few weeks of radiation before it disappeared. Five years later, he was still cancer-free, and his family rejoiced.

But Scharn started experiencing pain in his right leg after his 10th birthday. The pain turned into a limp, and the limp turned into bone cancer in his right hip — and before he knew it, the 10-year-old had to have his leg and part of his pelvis removed in an effort to keep the cancer from spreading.

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The second battle with cancer has been especially hard on Scharn, his mother, Teresa Howell, told TODAY. Despite receiving news that he was cancer-free in January, Scharn felt lonely, stressed, and scared — and because he still had to learn how to live with one leg, he didn't have much of a chance to celebrate being cancer-free.

"Quinn has appeared to be happy-go-lucky, but as his mother, I'd known it's like a cover for what he's struggling with inside," Howell said. "He's just been emotionally having a hard time."

Then Logan entered the picture.

Scharn's wish for a three-legged dog came true last week, when his family finally brought home Logan, a pit bull mix being housed at a shelter in nearby Sacramento. Scharn and his mom made the hour-long drive to the Front Street Animal Shelter the day after Howell was tagged in a Facebook post about Logan — and after meeting with him and learning that another family who had been eyeing him was no longer interested, they adopted the three-legged pooch on the spot.

Logan has only lived with the family for about a week now, but he and Scharn are already the best of friends. And Howell has seen a dramatic change in her son — she told TODAY that she sees genuine happiness and hope in him when he's with his three-legged pup.

As for Scharn? He couldn't be more thrilled.

"I'm beyond happy," the 12-year-old said. "Having Logan, to me, is having a best friend that knows everything about you... We're fighters. We're resilient. We never stopped fighting, and whatever life does to us, we're going to keep going."

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