This Woman's Sister Became Her Surrogate After Her Fight With Breast Cancer

'Finding out I could not get pregnant was more devastating than finding out about the cancer.'

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When a couple is struggling to conceive, it's not uncommon for them look to surrogates as a way to start a family. Often couples have to go through surrogacy agencies in order to find a woman who is prepared to be a surrogate, but sometimes it's a woman closest to them that just might selflessly volunteer — just like Maggie Paxton's sister, Morgan Williams, did for her.

Meet Maggie, Danny, and Morgan: Danny and Maggie Paxton were married in June 2013 and they knew they wanted to start a family, but unforeseen complications took their family plan down a different path. Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015, right during the time when the couple was trying to conceive their first child.

From left to right: Maggie, Morgan, and Danny
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Unfortunately Maggie would learn from her oncologist that, because her breast cancer was brought on by hormones, she wouldn't be able to ever carry a child without putting her life at risk.

"Finding out I could not get pregnant was more devastating than finding out about the cancer," Maggie said told Fit Pregnancy.

Maggie underwent a double mastectomy and chemo shortly after discovering the cancer, but she still couldn't believe she would never be able to have children.

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That's is when Morgan, Maggie's sister, decided to give her sister and brother-in-law one of life's most precious gifts — the idea was thrown around while Maggie was still being treated in chemo, but once Morgan's prognosis was in a better state, Maggie and Danny officially asked Morgan to be their surrogate.

After two embryos were implanted into Morgan, the couple found out in June 2016 that they would be having twin girls — something they never thought would be possible for Maggie after her cancer treatment.

So when Stevie Cruz, an Orange County newborn photographer, received an email about a deserving mother-to-be and her sister surrogate, she couldn't say no to the chance to grant them a photography session and capture the special gift Morgan was giving to Maggie.

How amazing is it that Maggie, Danny, and Morgan all got to share the experience of a pregnancy photo shoot just like any other couple?

If you look closely in the photos, you will see the sisters are both wearing a "key" necklace, which they call "giving key" necklaces. Maggie gave one to Morgan, as she she says Morgan is "the key that unlocks [their] family."

"Planning for the birth of my twin daughters has given me a new outlook on life," Maggie told Fit Pregnancy. "Maybe I have gone through all of this to put me right where I am today, knowing that my daughters are safe and healthy, and so am I. My husband and I will forever be indebted to her, and I can't wait to see her be the best auntie to these little girls."

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