Mom Invents Shopping Cart for Seniors and Kids With Special Needs

It's so smart and simple, we're surprised it wasn't invented decades ago.

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As a mother of three, Drew Ann Long is very familiar with the nightmare that is grocery shopping with kids. And because her daughter has special needs, she faces additional challenges: How do you simultaneously maneuver a shopping cart and a wheelchair through the crowded aisles of a supermarket while also paying attention to your child? Tired of this exhausting ordeal, Long came up with a clever solution: Caroline's Cart.

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Named after Long's daughter, Caroline's Cart is simple: Ditch the tiny seat in standard shopping carts and replace it with a larger, more secure seat that's big enough and accessible enough for people of all ages and abilities.

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"It was specifically designed for older children and adults with disabilities," Long says. "Once children get older, they can no longer fit into what retailers currently provide. Caroline's Cart is for children that don't walk, have low muscle tone, and anyone that needs further assistance while in the store."

Now available at many major retailers across the country and even in Australia, seniors, as well as anyone with injuries, are taking advantage of Caroline's Cart, too.

"Caroline's Cart promotes inclusion. That's what families want," Long says. "We have it in our schools, and we want it in our communities. I want the same opportunities for my special needs daughter as I do my typical children."

And that's exactly what her hard work has given her, as well as thousands of other families around the world. Find Caroline's Cart in a store near you here.

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