11-Year-Old With Rare Disorder Gets Helping Paw From Her Great Dane

Standing proud at 3.5 feet, Bella Burton gets by with a little help from her (big) friend.

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If you're in need of proof that love really does come in all shapes and sizes, look no further than Bella Burton and her partner-in-awesomeness, George.

Burton has Morquio syndrome, a rare, inherited condition that affects the metabolism and causes the bones to develop abnormally, which can result in a shortened neck, enlarged head, joint issues, knock-knees, chest deformities, and short stature. At 11 years old and just 42 inches tall, Burton cannot walk without help.

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Lucky for Burton, her help has a name and unbeatable personality: George, a 140-pound Great Dane who never leaves her side.

"[Before] I couldn't walk at all. But now I can; I lean on him like a crutch," Burton told ABC News.

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Having George as a therapy dog enables Burton to do anything she wants to do. Instead of being confined to a wheelchair or crutches, she's off being a kid: walking from class to class at school, going to ball games, and spending time at the beach, Her oversized best buddy even keeps her company at her treatments and sleeps in the same bed.

When Burton first went to choose a therapy dog, George was immediately drawn to her, setting his big paw on her tiny leg. It's pretty clear these two were destined to be together since day one.

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