14-Year-Old Girl Makes Her Dad the Best 'Get Well Soon' Card Ever

You know, for those times when your pancreas hates you.

Sometimes, when you're in the hospital or feeling sick, you need a little bit of humor to pick your spirits back up again. Knowing this, one astute teen made a card for her dad when he was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis — and her blunt-but-sweet words of sympathy are absolutely hilarious.

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"I don't know why, but your pancreas hates you," 14-year-old Tabatha's card begins. "Just wait while the other organs teach it how to love you again." (Naturally, to illustrate her written sentiment, the teen drew an angry cartoon pancreas surrounded by a group of much more loving organs.) The best part of the teen's hilarious card, though, was the final winning line: "Don't worry, it's a quick learner." So. good.

The 14-year-old's father, Reddit user Trogdor_a_Burninator, posted the LOL-worthy card to Imgur on Wednesday. Since then, it's gone viral and racked up more than 900 comments, and of course, most of them applaud the teen for her remarkable creativity.

In response to the card, one commenter put it best, writing, "Your daughter is awesome." We have to agree.

[h/t Mashable]

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