Dog Plays Dead, Best Friend Goes Into Panic Mode

This pup played the oldest trick in the book.

Quick (albeit morbid) poll: Do you ever wonder what people would do and say if you died? No? Just us? OK.

At least we have Jack, the cleverly cruel pup who pranked his brother Archie like no dog has been pranked before, on our side. He found out exactly how his brother would respond to his death — unfortunately at poor Archie's very emotional expense.

The moment, posted by Twitter user @sam_mhull, captured her boyfriend's dog Jack playing dead. You know, as dogs do. The only bad part is his other pup, Archie, had no idea Jack was playing around.

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After barking to get some humans to look at the horrid thing happening right before his very eyes, the boxer continued to frantically whine, thinking his best friend in the whole world had just keeled over and died in the most dramatic way possible. Sam tried to calm Archie down, but there was no way this dog was going to feel better until Jack miraculously came back to life.

But unfortunately for Archie, that was an excruciating 30 minutes later. Now that's just ruff.

Either way, after racking up more than 13,000 retweets and 19,000 likes, it's safe to say this little trickster might've pulled the best doggone prank of all time.

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