5 Things We Learned From Dr. Oz This Weekend

No. 1: It's OK to eat bacon.

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Don't worry if you missed Dr. Oz speak at the iHeartMediaLifestyle Health & Wellness Expo in New York City on Saturday. We've got his top five takeaways for boosting your health and happiness right here:

1. It's Okay to Eat Bacon

There's been a lot of buzz recently about the health risks of bacon and other processed meats. While you should definitely limit your intake, you don't need to give up the breakfast favorite completely. "If you buy bacon or cold cuts, get the nitrate-free varieties," advises Dr. Oz. That's because nitrates, a chemical compound that preserves meat, has been linked to an increased cancer risk.

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2. Exercise Is Key to Living a Long, Healthy Life

Being physically fit isn't just about having a toned body. It could also save your life should you ever have a health scare. "If you're frail because of inactivity, you won't be as capable of handling heart surgery, or you may have a harder time dealing with chemo," says Dr. Oz. And don't think that age is an excuse to sit on the sidelines. "Marathon runners in their 60s have the same finish times as those in their late teens," Dr. Oz points out. So put on your sneakers and get moving!

3. One in Three Families Is Affected by Prescription Drug Addiction

The problem is widespread, but it's rarely talked about, says Dr. Oz. The silence may be due to the fact that people often don't know how to approach the topic with loved ones. Dr. Oz suggests this line: "It seems like you have a lot going on at work and at home these days, how are you coping?" Another way to be a part of the discussion is to post a photo of an empty dinner plate to social media and tag it with #NightOfConversation on November 19.

4. *When* You Get Your Headache Says a Lot

If your headache wakes you up from your sleep, that's a bad sign, warns Dr. Oz. "It could be an indication of something serious, like cancer." It's more likely that you'll get the headache in the morning, which typically isn't a cause for concern (but talk with your doctor if the headaches occur frequently or are interfering with your life).

5. If You're Going to Cut Back on Anything, Make It Sugar

While fat has gotten a bad reputation over the years, it's sugar that we need to be limiting, says Dr. Oz. "Sugar hits the brain like crack cocaine, it's addictive." And this addiction is leading to obesity, diabetes, and other major health problems. Be sure to read food labels carefully: You may be surprised by how much of the sweet stuff is hidden in seemingly "healthy" foods, such as yogurt.

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