We Want to Be This 103-Year-Old Wonder Woman When We Grow Up

She's a true superhero.

This real-life Wonder Woman is one of the coolest centenarians around. Mary Cotter just celebrated her 103rd birthday, but instead of making it all about her (which, we'll be honest, is probably what we'd do if we'd been alive for more than a century) she put on a red cape and dedicated her special day to everyone but herself.

Rocking a very fitting Wonder Woman outfit her friends gave her, Cotter continued what she's been doing for the past 25 years: volunteering at the Montclair Senior Center in Montclair, California. Serving coffee to a roomful of people younger than her, she's a role model to everyone she meets, and even drives herself to and from the center five days a week.

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So what's this heroine's secret? She says it's all about staying busy — a skill she's perfected over her lifetime. From participating in her high school's state swim championship to rescuing sea turtles well into her 90s, she's never been anything less than impressive. You go, Wonder Woman.

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