Are You Accidentally 'Phubbing' Your Significant Other?

If so, you could be putting your relationship on the rocks.

There's nothing more frustrating than going out to dinner and getting totally phubbed — you know, when someone "phone snubs" you. They pay way more attention to their phone than they do to you, the human being sitting directly in front of them. Basically FaceTime is becoming more important than actual face time, and the days of Lady and the Tramp-style spaghetti scenes are gone forever.

Whether you're the one phubbing or getting phubbed — the phubber and the phubbee, if you will — it's not a pleasant experience. And while it's fun to poke fun at its ridiculous name, it turns out phubbing is actually a serious issue that can cause major rifts in relationships, according to researchers at Baylor University.

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The researchers conducted two surveys: In the first, they found phubbing wasn't just when someone's romantic partner had a phone in their hand — it was even having a phone within eyesight. So put that thing away or it might be the only thing you have a relationship with. Focus on getting lost in your partner's eyes... otherwise just get lost.

In the second survey, 46 percent of participants said they had been phubbed by their partners and 22 percent said it caused conflict in their relationship. Worse still, only 32 percent said they were satisfied with their relationship. Clearly the stats aren't too great, and it should be a major wake-up call for the tech-obsessed that their partners should be more of a priority.

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You might not think shooting a quick text or checking Facebook while you're spending time with your significant other (or close friends) is a big deal, but you're sadly mistaken. And saying something like "Sorry I'm being a horrible person right now" while you're doing it doesn't make it any less worse, OK? OK.

So cherish your time together, because those little distractions might become big enough to split you up. Ask yourself: Is losing the person you love worth getting a handful of likes on that adorable puppy video you posted? Probably not.

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