Welcome to The Good Life

Lisa Oz is thrilled to present Dr. Oz The Good Life's official website.

Mehmet and I have always been passionate about helping people make healthy choices by providing information in fresh, exciting ways. But we've come to realize that true wellness is about more than making healthy choices and avoiding illness — it's about embracing family, pursuing joy and celebrating growth. It's a life filled with vibrancy and energy and connection — in essence, The Good Life.

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Most of us are reminded of this blissful feeling when our families get together around reunions and holidays. We just had a family gathering captured in the image above and the process of lining up for the photo created the usual jockeying for position — Oliver has grown too big to hide in the middle and everyone wanted to hold Philomena. All the quibbling melted away as everyone settled down with the deeper insight that our time together is the most precious gift we get from each other.

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Mehmet and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to find balance while still doing what must be done in our busy lives; we're constantly learning and making adjustments ourselves. That's what The Good Life is here to support and champion: the pursuit of our best lives, whatever that may look like.

Dr. Oz The Good Life, now on its thirteenth issue, has become the No. 1 health magazine on newsstands. So I am thrilled to introduce the magazine's website, which will provide even more of the fun, helpful stories you expect from the magazine, as well as daily health news, analysis of the latest health trends and tons of delicious, healthy recipes.

We hope you'll join us on this exciting new adventure. Let's start living The Good Life.

-Lisa Oz, Editor at Large

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