Dr. Oz From the Heart: I'm Giving Out Ozcars!

No surprise: My Ozcar statuette is green and lean.

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I love movies, believe me, but why should they get all the buzz and red-carpet fuss? We're aiming to change that with the Ozcar awards, handed out in our March 2016 issue to 40 outstanding innovations, products, and people that make our lives healthier and happier now.

Check back with us all this week to find new stuff to try, buy, snack on, and cheer for, carefully chosen to help you look your best and feel even better. But to us, you're all members of the healthy "academy," so you had the chance to vote too. We asked you to cast a ballot for your favorite wellness trends of the past 12 months in our first-ever readers' choice awards. Your Ozcars go to…

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Best New Fitness Trend: Dance Workouts

They blend plenty of calorie burn (Zumba can torch more than 400 an hour) with lots of fun (they don't feel like a workout). I grew up dancing all summer long in Turkey, and I still bounce around on my show and at home (my kids hide their eyes), so I see why you love these. Sign up!

Best Tech Idea: Fitness Trackers

More than two-thirds of U.S. adults track their health, and these gadgets make it a game. I keep watch over my health data too, especially sleep. As a surgeon, I was taught to downplay snoozing, but now I treasure it. Getting enough increases my energy, sure, but boosts creativity, as well.

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Best New Health Care Shortcut: Walk-In Urgent Care Clinics

They're super handy (and generally efficient) places to triage such medical issues as conjunctivitis, bronchitis, or a urinary tract infection. Just remember that these centers aren't designed to do it all. You still need an ER for real emergencies and a primary doc for chronic or complex issues like headaches, backaches, and reflux.

Best New Healthy Snack: Roasted Chickpeas

Good choice, readers! Just a half cup of these delivers 7 grams of protein (more than in an egg) and 6 grams of fiber (they've got raisins beat). The crunchy nuggets make a great pick-me-up. As a kid, I ate chickpeas in many forms in Turkey, and they've always been a staple in our home. I'm so glad America's getting hooked on them.

Best Eco Home Trend: Kitchen gardens

Take a bow if you already snip fresh herbs from your own plants.

Best Healthy-Skin Innovation: In-shower moisturizers

These let you smooth your skin and save time.

Best Breakfast Upgrade: Overnight oats

Add milk or yogurt to oats and they're ready when your alarm goes off.

This story originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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