Banish Election Stress With This Kitten-Filled Mindful Meditation Video

Because six minutes of cute cats is exactly what this country needs right now.

Regardless of your political preferences, the thought of spending the next 24-plus hours fully immersed in election coverage probably has you on edge. After all, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association last month found that 52 percent of American adults consider this election to be a serious source of stress. So why not take a few minutes to ease some of that election anxiety with a mindful meditation video full of kittens?

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Yes, you read that right: U.K. animal charity Blue Cross partnered with London-based organization The Mindfulness Project and gifted the world with six minutes of guided cat meditation, and those of us across the pond sure are grateful for it.

As you watch the "Karma Kitties" video above (which features clips of different cats playing, kneading, snoozing, and, our personal favorite, purring), pay close attention to what each kitten does and how your mind and body respond to everything that happens on your screen. Because as the video's narrator says around the 4:36 mark, the goal of the video — and mindfulness in general — is not to make you feel any particular emotion, but rather to help you focus on the present moment and become more attuned to what's happening right in front of you. Plus, past research has shown that pets can help us stay physically healthier and lower our stress levels — so meditating with cute cat videos really makes purrfect sense.

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