Playing This New Video Game Is the Perfect Way to Relax

Go swimming with thousands of colorful fish, all from your own home.

Video Game

While Pokemon Go gets you up and moving, another new game is about to do the exact opposite. But don't worry: Unlike mindlessly watching TV, Abzû has some major brain-boosting benefits.

505 Games' latest release isn't your typical video game. Instead of stealing cars or fighting monsters, the premise of Abzû — which comes from mythology and translates to "the world of wisdom" is simple: swimming around in the heart of the ocean.

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Not only will your dives let you swim alongside whales and through schools of vibrant tropical fish, but you'll also discover ancient secrets of the sea. And because we're not all able to escape to a tropical location and deep sea dive in some of the ocean's coolest ecosystems, you'll still get that same sense of tranquility to calm your nerves and lift your mood. Not to mention say goodbye to some stress and anxiety.

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You can either play the game on PlayStation 4 or right on your computer, and it only costs $20 either way. Not too shabby for a mini-vacation where you can ride sharks and challenge your dolphin friends to a flipping contest.

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