Stressed, Anxious, or Tired? This App Can Help

Getting your mind back into relaxation mode only takes 2 to 15 minutes a day. Seriously.

Between bills, family issues, long hours at work, and everything else going on in your life, it's hard to avoid stress. Not even a delicious batch of brownies can help in that department. Sugary treats aside, there is a solution that can help you learn to unload all the stress, anxiety, and exhaustion in your life — you simply need to download an app.

Gaiam's Meditation Studio, available in the iTunes App Store, is basically a busy person's dream come true. On those days when it's hard to devote any time to yourself — not even a yoga session or journaling — this app makes it easy to still get some "me" time to de-stress. There are more than 160 meditations; all you need is a quiet space and 2 to 15 minutes to devote to your mental wellbeing.

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Whether your goal is trying to get your happiness back, relaxing a little more at night so you can fall asleep easier, or forget all about the bad day you had at work, Meditation Studio will be your new best friend. Even better, you'll have top experts as your guide — from Elisha Goldstein, PhD, co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living and author of Uncovering Happiness, to Emily Fletcher, founder of the online meditation training course zivaMIND. Clearly you're in good company.

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When we tested out the different meditations, we found the guided breathing, positive reassurance, and ability to lengthen the session as long as we needed to be especially helpful. It's safe to say we'll be using this app on a regular basis.

There's a price tag on the app at $2.99, but it's well worth it. You'll have a pro in your pocket at all times, ready to ease you right into a blissful state of relaxation. 

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