You'll Never Need a Chip Clip Again With This Clever Bag Folding Hack

Sorry — 'We're out of clips' is no longer a valid reason to eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting.

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We waste money on a lot of things, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets. No one really needs a corn kernel remover or a banana slicer, but we buy them anyway. Bag clips, on the other hand, are useful — don't get us wrong. But they'll be totally unnecessary after you see how easily you can store your guacamole-dipping chips without one.

In just seconds, you can create a bag clip using nothing but the bag you're closing and your own two hands. Here's how:

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1. Roll it up

Bag Close Hack Without Clip
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Squeeze air out of the bag and roll the top of the bag down to the leftover chips.

2. Fold in the top corners

How to Close a Bag of Chips Without a Clip

Fold in the two sides.

3. Flip the folded part inside out.

How to Close a Bag Without a Clip

Turn the top of the bag inside out so the corners are wedged underneath.

4. Shake it.

How to Close Bag Without a Clip

You don't actually have to shake it, but if it's good enough for Miss Taylor Swift, it's good enough for us.

Watch the full video from the San Francisco Globe below.

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