These Succulent Accessories Actually Grow While You Wear Them

There's just something soothing about wearing real plants.

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Sure, succulents make excellent houseplants — especially if you're not-so-great at remembering to water your plants. But would you wear these geometric beauties as jewelry?

Thanks to a new collection by Michigan florist and Etsy seller Susan McLeary, you can now adorn yourself with the low-maintenance plants for weeks on end without having to worry about them shriveling up and dying. (Sorry, flower crowns!) McLeary's gorgeous line, which is available for sale in her Etsy shop, includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even a stunning tiara designed with free-spirited brides in mind.

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What makes these accessories especially meaningful is the fact that after you've grown (aka worn) the succulents for two to four weeks, you can detach them from their respective metal jewelry parts and continue to grow them in planters for years to come — making these pieces an amazing symbolic gift.

Now excuse us while we decorate ourselves with nature's trendiest houseplants.

From: CountryLiving
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