This Genius Gadget Safely Catches Spiders in a Second Flat

Because spiders are nice, just not in the house.

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OK, honesty time: We here at like spiders. We know that's not a popular position, but we think they're fun to look at — especially the one below that looks (to us, at least) adorable and floofy. Just look at those eyes! But we do admit that spiders are not so much fun to look at when they're hanging out — literally — in the house. And as much as we like spiders, we're not likely to volunteer as tribute to attempt catching them and safely deposit them outside.

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The whole paper-and-jar trick usually results in a prison-break situation that's traumatic for all parties involved, and the whole squish-it-until-it's-nothing approach is just cruel. Enter My Critter Catcher: For $16.95, you get a gadget that allows you to safely grab Sal the Spider, carry him outside, and gently help him find a more hospitable spidey space — all while keeping your distance. Arachnophobic pacifists, rejoice!

Check out how My Critter Catcher works in the video above, and grab one ASAP — we have a feeling no household will want to go without one.

Cute Spider

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