15 Things to Say 'Yes' to This Summer

We've rounded up a slew of fun ideas and rewarding challenges — all musts, no maybes.

Summer of Yes

Ninety-three days, 15 hours, 47 minutes. That's how long you've got to make this season your healthiest, happiest, most Oz-some one yet.

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1 Icy Treats as Hot-Day Medicine

These easy, low-cal frozen desserts from Good Life recipe guru Lori Powell loop in herbs and spices for next-level flavor.

Grab the low-cal recipes here.

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2 Say Yes to Books (and Give TV a Rest)

These three, all by television stars, will keep the screen turned off and your mind turned on. Padma Lakshmi's memoir, Love, Loss, and What We Ate, details her rise as a Top Chef host. It's full of good food and chutzpah, with lots of recipes for both. Opportunity Knocks, by Alison Sweeney, is a dishy new novel from the former host of The Biggest Loser; it's like a fun gossip session with a friend, except no guilt afterward. You'll fall in love with Sweeney's plucky makeup-artist narrator as she tries to outwit her diva celebrity boss. TV mogul Shonda Rhimes's Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person recounts her year of giving a thumbs-up to new adventures. It so inspired us that we made "Yes!"our mantra for the summer — and this story.

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3 Beauty Treatments Sweet Enough to Eat

Seasonal fruits may work as well on your face as they do in your smoothie bowl, says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. Fresh-off-the-farm ingredients like blueberries, pineapple, and cherries can help protect from free-radical damage, while avocado and coconut oils soothe dry summer skin.

Click here for six fruity beauty treatments that are sweet enough to eat.

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4 We Like Zero-Proof Cocktails

These booze-free concoctions bring all the cheer of a mixed drink with none of the wooziness. Try a virgin piña by Clean Green Eats author Candice Kumai or a faux-jito from Lee Watson's new book, Peace & Parsnips.

Grab the delicious recipes here.

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5 Good-for-You Pasta Salad

It's not summer without some noodling around. With whole grains and plenty of veggie action, these beat the classic macaroni and mayo mix.

Grab the healthy pasta salad recipes here.

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6 Do Something Crazy With Your Girlfriends

It can give those relationships an energy shot. "We feel a closer bond with our friends when we do something out of the ordinary together," says Shasta Nelson, author of Frientimacy. "For example, my friends and I all wore wigs out to a restaurant once, just for kicks. It completely changed our dynamic, and we spent the whole night laughing." Plus, the pics make great mementos.

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7 Pretty Ways to Get Your SPF

Swipe on a lip balm with SPF and a hint of tint; it nourishes and helps stave off sun damage. (Your poor lips have much less melanin to protect themselves with.) And for a safe, post-beachy glow, "apply a bronzer with SPF along the temples, slightly under the cheekbones, and on the jawline," says makeup artist Tim Quinn. Don't ditch your regular sunscreen — it offers the best full coverage — but this dusting will give you some extra protection.

Click here for six pretty ways to get your SPF.

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8 Superfood + Sundaes

Ever find yourself half-a-pint deep in cookies 'n' cream with no clear memory as to how you got there? To crush your cravings with just one scoop, pile on healthy toppings that'll keep you satisfied.

Learn how to make the perfect superfood sundae here.

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9 The World Is Your Gym

Ever heard of parkour? Its devotees turn everyday surroundings into obstacle courses. (Look it up; the YouTube footage is pretty whoa-inducing.) Try the sane woman's take on this trend with moves that use your environment to boost your workout.

Hang Out: Simply hanging from something sturdy — monkey bars, say, or a low tree branch — boosts flexibility and stretches your upper back and shoulder muscles, says Clifton Harski, global head coach for the fitness studio chain Fitwall. Start by hanging with one foot on the ground; when you feel comfortable, take both feet off the ground for a full-body hang. Then up the challenge by rocking your body from side to side to strengthen your middle.

Work It Poolside: Tone your core by holding on to the side of the pool and doing flutter kicks. Extend your arms straight out while kicking, and it'll feel like you're doing a plank, but in water.

Just Jump: At the beach? Do a round of jumping jacks on the sand. The softer surface eases the impact on your joints.

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10 Say Yes to the Beach, Anytime, Anywhere

Research confirms that time at the beach can work wonders for your mood. (We coulda told you that, but whatever.) If you can't physically get there, try one of these slightly briny beauty finds. They blend in maritime ingredients (algae!) and scents (sand, salt, and the faintest whiff of sunscreen).

These beach-inspired products are must-trys.

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