How to Have a Healthy Workspace

Because your desk shouldn't stress you out.

Healthy Desk

Between your phone ringing off the hook, 1,000 unread emails haunting you in your sleep, piles of paper slowly turning into avalanches, and Post-It notes covering every surface within arm's reach, the office can be a pretty stressful place. And while there's nothing you can do about your boss breathing down your neck or your co-workers microwaving fish for lunch (Seriously, Dan? Tilapia again?), you do have control over some things at work that can help you stay sane.

When your workspace is a healthy one, your life feels a lot less chaotic. Sure, you might be trapped at your desk from 9 to 5... or 6... or 7... but we have some simple steps to turn it into a space you actually like being trapped in.

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First, the obvious: Ditch the clutter and keep things simple.

Clean Desk

It's easy to let things build up. One day your desk is clean, and the next you're drowning in a little bit of everything. Much like you would with clothes in your closet, if you haven't touched something on your desk in months, it's probably safe to relocate it to a place — the trash can, perhaps? — where it's not taking up prime desk real estate. Keep what's stored in your space to a minimum and ditch the items you don't need. (Sorry, that does include the tiny mountain of cute shoes you've got under your desk.)

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Organize, organize, organize.

Keep loose papers in a filing system, clean up your bulletin board, and invest in some items to make it easier to keep your desktop in check. Our favorite fixes? Prop your computer on a monitor stand to save space ($40,, keep your pencils and pens tucked away in a holder ($6,, organize odds and ends in a desk caddy (make your own on Pinterest), and be sure your headphones ($35, and phone charger ($6, stay detangled.

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Stock up on healthy snacks.

We all get hungry at work — that's a given. But sprinting to the nearest vending machine shouldn't be. Instead, fill a drawer with healthy snack options so that the next time you've got a craving, it's easy to make the better-for-you snack choice. Some of our favorites to have on hand? Popcorn, turkey jerky, nuts, and fruit.

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Always have the right tools at your fingertips.

It's not uncommon for your cubicle to quickly become a mini-kitchen. (And when Dan's heating up his tilapia — again — that's probably a good thing.) If your company allows it, keep a single-cup coffee brewer ( and ground coffee beans ($14, in your space to save money and bask in the aroma of your morning brew.

Not a fan of coffee? Go for a relaxing afternoon tea. Whether you like it hot or cold, be ready to brew with an iced tea mug ($30, or a tea-brewing cup ($23,

Another great idea straight from The Good Life editors is to keep a paring knife on hand ($10, As much fun as it is to cut up fruit and veggies with plastic utensils, we prefer the time- and sanity-saving tool.

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Take time to loosen up.

Sitting in a chair all day isn't good for your body, but we know firsthand how hard it can be to find time to get up and move around. Keep some 2-lb. hand weights to wake up your muscles ($14,, a resistance band to stretch your arms and back ($7,, or a desk elliptical to keep your body active during long hours.

Another tip we love? Invest in a great fitness tracker you can comfortably rock in the office to remind you to get up and move every couple hours ($130,, even if that just means refilling your water bottle.

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Bring some life into your space.

One of the quickest ways to brighten your office space is getting a plant; a little greenery is always more pleasant to look at than a cubicle wall. Even if the plant you choose is fake ($11,, it's still bound to give you a (figurative) breath of fresh air. Plus, there's a 100-percent chance it won't die when you're on vacation.

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