Meet the 100-Year-Old Who Broke Five World Records in One Day

He's our hero.

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Most of us will just be happy to be walking on our own when we turn 100, but Don Pellmann? He's basically the superman of senior citizens: The star athlete spent last Sunday at the San Diego Senior Olympics, and he wasn't watching the events from the crowd — he was busy breaking world records. Five world records, to be exact.

According to the New York Times, Pellmann was a gymnast and high jumper when he was younger, but had to quit the track team at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to get a job during the Great Depression. After getting married, having three kids and eventually retiring in the '70s, he got right back into his favorite hobbies.

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Though he used to practice pole vaulting using nothing more than a bamboo stick and park sandbox, his hard work paid off. After a couple years without competing, all he wanted to do was break some records, and he did exactly that.

Pellmann became the first centenarian to break 27 seconds in the 100-meter dash (yes, he was sprinting to the finish line, as you can see in the video above), was the first to clear an official height in the high jump, broke the records for men in the 100-and-over age group in the shot-put and the discus and finished everything off by setting a world record in the long jump (5 feet 10 inches, in case you were wondering). We think it's safe to say he had a pretty great day.

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