This Woman's Love Letter to Her Thighs Is the Body-Positive Motivation We All Need to Hear

'You may not be slender, or tanned, or smooth, but you're up for the challenge when I start to move.'

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While most of us are quick to judge our exteriors, we rarely see our bodies for the amazing machines that they are inside. That's why the newest body-positive 'gram making the rounds is so wonderful: Yogi Sharline "Shea" Eae, aka @shastavibes, penned a heartfelt love letter on Instagram to her thighs, and we are loving every single syllable.

Eae wrote: "Dear Thighs, I'm in love with you, every inch, every lump, all the way up from my knees to my rump. You may not be slender, or tanned, or smooth, but you're up for the challenge when I start to move. You power through squats, lunges, and stairs, and you don't seem to mind when some people glare."

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In a time when so many of us have gotten so good at criticizing our bodies' flaws that we could probably do it in our sleep, Eae's kind words to one of her many powerful body parts are a necessary and welcome reminder that we are so much more than our reflections.

She continued, "This whole journey to body acceptance and self-love is kind of a roller coaster, but an exciting one that I'm gonna keep riding. Each day I am learning that my self-worth is based less on what others think and more on how I feel. And lately, I feel really good."

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Eae told Health that she suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth to her son (who is now 8 months old), and struggled with self-esteem and body image after gaining 80 pounds during her pregnancy.

"It took me until I was six months postpartum to really gain my confidence back and accept my thunder thighs and wide hips," Eae said. "I became more confident with my body after consistently using positive affirmations in the mirror every morning before I left my house."

Everything about Eae's Instagram posts are inspiring — the various yoga poses and exercises she shows off are stunning — but this letter takes body positivity to a whole new level, and we're grateful to her for that.

"I was realizing today that my body is becoming less of an object of comparison in my mind, and more of a tool," she continued in her post. "My body is a method of accomplishing day to day things and that's it. So far it's doing a damn good job. In fact, it rarely lets me down. So for that reason alone, I should be completely in love with it. So to my thighs and all my other perfectly strong and functional body parts, thank you for getting sh*t done."

She's so right.

Now it's your turn! Fill in the blank: "Dear _______, I'm in love with you..."

[h/t People]

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