Daphne Oz Shares an Important Message About Body Positivity After Being Body Shamed

'We are under constant scrutiny.'

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When Daphne Oz posted a stunning bikini photo to Instagram on Sunday, her fans and followers responded with overwhelmingly positive and encouraging comments. But, as they so often do, a few body shamers also showed up to leave their mark on the comment section.

bye, Miami! 🌴✌️🌊☀️🙌❤

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Rather than letting the body shamers get away with their negativity, however, Daphne clapped back with a second post, in which she shared an open and honest message about body positivity.

"I feel safe posting pics like this for all of you because I get how hard it is to feel good in our skin — whether we're trying to lose or gain weight, whether we've had babies or not. We are under constant scrutiny," she wrote.

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💋💋💋 ok, back to your super bowling!!

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The mother of two admitted that she doesn't feel perfect and she still has yet to reach some of her goals — but "progress is everything," she wrote, and we have to start from a place of positivity to get there.

She continued:

This is a space for positivity and smart strategies and results, but most importantly, it is a place for celebration and FUN. I love that you guys shut down the obvious trolls that show up on here every now and then because they seriously have no other place or way to feel heard. I try not to give them too much thought, but know that I appreciate every single one of you and you make me smile and feel good every day. I hope I can do the same for you.

We're feeling better about our bodies already. Thanks, Daphne!

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