Fashion Blogger Claps Back at Body-Shaming Comments on Her Honeymoon Pics

Live in the moment β€” stomach rolls and cellulite included.

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London-based fashion blogger and Marie Claire columnist Callie Thorpe was just another blissful newlywed enjoying her honeymoon in Mexico. Feeling confident during her getaway, she let go of her body insecurities and posted photos on Instagram of herself in a bikini, enjoying the sun alongside her new husband.

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But soon after posting, the hurtful comments came pouring in.

"The comments started coming after I posted a photo of myself riding a bike in my bikini on a day out in Tulum," Thorpe told People. "I had such positive feedback, but as with everything I received a couple of nasty ones calling me names. [The comments said] 'I should keep cycling, then I wouldn't be so fat' and 'Save the whales.' Pathetic stuff, really."

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She refused to let the negative energy ruin her honeymoon.

"I felt wonderful on holiday," she told People. "Whenever I'm away I always feel my most confident. I especially feel so when I'm doing something that people think I can't do, like paddle boarding, kayaking, cycling and exploring beaches and cenotes. People think because I'm overweight there is no way I could do any of those things."

Once she returned from her honeymoon, reading the comments definitely stung. The body-positive comments couldn't drown out the body-shaming ones.

She wrote, "Insecurities fade away when you let yourself really enjoy living in the moment. So what that I have rolls and my tummy jiggles I cycled over 18km yesterday I have the capability to do whatever I want and so do you."

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Thorpe continued posting empowering messages to help stand up to the shamers and to advocate for body positivity by sharing the words we all need to hear more often.

"Let's talk about cellulite," she wrote, captioning a photo of herself in a swimsuit. "It makes no difference on you as a person or certainly on how attractive you are."

Post-honeymoon, she wrote, "Coming on this honeymoon has helped me in more ways than I could describe, before we came out to Mexico I was feeling low, worthless, a bad friend, a bad wife, a bad blogger." She continued, "I hated my body, I was negative and not me."

One of her 2017 mantras is "Positive Vibes, Positive Mind, Positive Life," as a way to not let negative thoughts bother her. She writes, "Our minds are powerful tools... So, no more listening to Negative Nancie's, or thoughts about self doubt. Good Vibes only for this gal."

You heard her: Positive thoughts from here on out!

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