102-Year-Old Woman Crosses 'Get Arrested' Off Her Bucket List

How's that for living life to its fullest?

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What's on your bucket list? Going skydiving? Visiting Antarctica? Learning five languages? No matter how next-to-impossible those goals seem right now, take a page out of 102-year-old Edie Simms' book and don't give up on your wildest wishes just yet.

One of the last items on Simms's bucket list was — believe it or not — to get arrested, according to TODAY, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police were happy to help. On Friday, Simms was handcuffed in front of her retirement home, helped into the back of a squad car, and driven to a local senior center where she often donates pillows, blankets, and scarves that she makes herself. (We know — very criminal behavior.) Last year alone she sewed more than 400 gifts for the residents, according to local news station KPLR.

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Once she arrived at the senior center, the not-so-delinquent Simms was released and shared some of her best life advice with local reporters: "Keep going, don't ever stop whatever it is you're doing, and spend some time doing community service," she told KPLR. "Sometimes the person you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in a day."

Simms' "criminal" record might have started and ended with that one arrest, but her generosity did not: After she was uncuffed, Simms joined the residents in a game of bingo and handed out new homemade gifts to everyone there.

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