Boy Inhales Squeaky Dog Toy, Becomes One Himself

Please don't try this at home. We're begging you.

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Well, this isn't something you see (err... hear?) every day. Apparently a young boy named Anthony has managed to inhale a dog's squeaky toy and, in turn, became one himself. Yes, this is real life.

Emergency room docs see their fair share of kids who've done strange things with foreign objects, be it swallowing, inhaling, or — our personal favorite — sticking stuff up their noses. But we doubt these ER physicians had ever seen a case like Anthony's.

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We owe Anthony's mom all the kudos for not only filming her son's absurd predicament, but also for taking Teachable Moments to new heights by making Anthony admit what he did while he's lying on a bed— squeaking — in the emergency room.

Unfortunately, we're not sure Anthony has really learned his lesson. When Mom asks her son what he's doing in the ER, he responds with a smirk: "Because I inhaled a doggy toy." We hoped his face would look a little more ashamed and a little less amused, but we have to admit that watching him squeak every time he inhales and exhales is kind of hilarious.

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But we really hope it goes without saying that this isn't something you should try at home, because foreign objects inside the body are, well, foreign, (aka shouldn't be there) and can cause serious injuries in some cases.

With more than 21 million views in only nine hours on LAD Bible's video on Facebook, it's safe to say young Anthony's a star. Some are even calling him the real-life version of Wheezy the penguin in Toy Story. But despite all the laughs, we still want to hear how this went down in the first place (no pun intended), and how Anthony is doing now. We'll be sure to let you know when we find out.

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