High Heels Might Be Getting a Lot Comfier

When an astronaut is involved in the new design, you know it's gonna be good.

We all love the long, lean look a good pair of stilettos give us, but the pain that ensues a couple hours after wearing them? Not so much. It turns out there's a pretty simple reason why they're still so incredibly uncomfortable after all these years: The design hasn't changed since the stiletto first became popular in the early 1900s.

With all of the other technological advances we've made over the past 100 years (we have smartphones and creepy robot babies, people!), you'd think it's about time we get a more comfortable heel. Thanks to Dolly Singh, CEO and founder of Thesis Couture, that might be about to change.

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After discovering the only support stilettos have is a thin metal rod (aka shank), Singh teamed up with a PhD from MIT, top engineers, a foot surgeon, and an astronaut to fix the heel's main flaw. They're designing a brand-new shank to provide better support for stilettos, and they're getting close.

So far the new design has a wider shank made of plastic instead of metal, as well as a completely new shape. Singh told CNN this will help shift weight away from the fragile toe bones, making the weight distribution 50/50 throughout the foot instead of the usual 80/20 on your toes and heels, respectively, in regular high heels.

It remains to be seen whether Singh's design will truly change the heel-wearing experience, but we definitely want to give these babies a test drive when they come out to see for ourselves.

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