This 106-Year-Old Woman Has Way More Energy Than We Do

Virginia McLaurin's longevity secret is simple: Dance it out.

White House Dance

If you want to make it well into your 100s, there's one thing you absolutely must do: Keep moving. And who better to prove the effectiveness of this healthy habit than 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin, who started an impromptu dance party with the President of the United States and first lady at the White House? Talk about lifespiration.

McLaurin, who has wanted to meet President and first lady Obama for years, says she "didn't think she would live to see a colored president." But on Thursday, February 18, her dream became a reality when she was able to not only meet the Obamas, but get her groove on with them, too.

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Both the president and first lady were in awe of the centenarian's insane amount of energy. President Obama even told her to slow down, but that was something she just couldn't do. "I am so happy," McLaurin said.

And now, so are we. That's all the inspiration we need to take a leaf out of McLaurin's fabulous book and get moving. Dance party, anyone?

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