5 Body-Positive Bloggers You Need to Read

The results are in: You are beautiful just the way you are, and these bloggers are here to remind you.

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Trust us, we know accepting and appreciating your body is easier said than done sometimes. Like when you go jeans shopping. Or naively attempt an 'I-woke-up-like-this' selfie. Or spend too long in front of a magnified mirror.

That's why we gathered our favorite body-positive bloggers from around the web. They want you to look in the mirror and see yourself the same way they do — flawless. No matter who you are, don't waste another second: It's time to celebrate your beautiful self, inside and out.

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Margarita Tartakovsky runs Weightless, a blog on PsychCentral where she explores a wide range of topics, from mental health to loving every inch of your body. Her positive and honest writing makes reading every post a gratifying experience.

Disrupt Your Diet

Hit a new deadlift pr in the platform today thanks to @bombassocks and @superfithero ;)

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Michele Burmaster, founder of Disrupt Your Diet and Body Positive Fitness Alliance, shows off her strength and fearless attitude, encouraging readers to question society's standards and embrace their bodies. Burmaster breaks down barriers and speaks the truth about health, diet, and exercise.

Beauty Redefined

Run by identical twin sisters Lexi and Lindsay Kite (who hold PhDs in media and body image), Beauty Redefined will teach you everything you need to know about true beauty. Not only do they promote having a positive body image, but they aren't afraid to say what's on their minds — whether it's plastic surgery, sexual objection, or the trendy "thigh gap."

Authentically Emmie

A fair warning to all you fashionistas out there — if you can't get enough of the latest styles and trends, Authentically Emmie may become your next obsession. Emmie, a fashion and body-positive enthusiast, gives you updates on her latest wardrobe picks, coupon deals, and fitness routines.

From Forty With Love

Writer and journalist Katherine Baldwin knows no filters when it comes to her blog From Forty With Love. Even though it's only updated once a month, it's worth the wait. She writes straight from the heart about life, travel, happiness, fear, and doubt.

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