Is It Better to Floss or Brush First?

Dr. Oz has the answer.

Q: Is it better to floss or brush first?

Oz says: There's no proof that the order matters, though some dentists can see a certain logic to flossing first: If you loosen stuff between your pearly whites, your toothbrush can sweep it away. That also may make it easier for the fluoride in your paste to get to the tooth's surface, says Andrew Sullivan, DDS, of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. The more important takeaway, he adds, is to simply do both every day; brushing alone won't kill the bacteria that sets up camp below your gum line and could cause periodontal disease. If you think it feels better to switch the order around, go right ahead. Hey, if you like to floss while dancing and humming show tunes, be our guest, as long as the dental part gets done.

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This story originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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