Michael Strahan: 'Being Healthy Is Not as Hard as You Think'

The former New York Giants defensive end has some simple tricks for making healthy changes.

There's how you eat and live when you're playing football for a living and have a Hall of Fame career, and then there's how you eat and live when you're traveling, hosting LIVE with Kelly and Michael, and being a FOX NFL Sunday analyst and special co-host of Good Morning America.

Michael Strahan says he's learned that even though he's busy in a different way and not playing sports all day, it's not that difficult to stay healthy. We caught up with him during a #Heart2Heart event for American Heart Month (he's a spokesperson for Meta) to find out exactly how he does it.

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Here are four of his top insights for making healthy changes — and sticking with them:

1. Going to the gym doesn't hurt as much as not going to the gym.

"What helps me get to the gym is that I know if I don't go, I'll beat myself up mentally. That was time I allotted for the gym, and if I don't go, I know I won't be doing anything productive — I'll be sitting on the couch watching some mindless TV that doesn't enhance my life at all. I'd rather just go and put in an hour at the gym to have 23 more hours to not worry about working out."

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2. Don't get stuck on what you 'used to do.'

"When you're looking at making healthy changes, you think, 'Oh man, I have to give up so much; this is going to be terrible.' But for me, when I started eating even better than I used to, I had a clearer head, a clearer mind, and more energy to do what I needed to do. And I thought, 'Why go back to something that I know isn't necessarily helping me?' So I pretty much haven't. It doesn't matter what you used to do. If it's not working with what you should do, then don't do it any more."

3. Consider what Salma Hayek taught me.

"Being healthy is a choice that you make. When Salma Hayek was on our show once, she said this: 'I don't complain about things I'm not actively trying to change.'" 

4. Stay in it for the long term.

"So many people don't work out, then go to the gym for two weeks in a row and then give up. I say, 'look, you didn't get in that shape in two weeks, so you're not going to get out of that shape in two weeks.' It's a lifestyle you have to stick with, and you can make it fun. I make my workouts fun and I eat things I love to eat. Once you adopt lifestyle changes, being healthy actually becomes addictive." 

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