Stop Poking Your Fingers With Skewers Using This Simple Hack

Because shish kebabs shouldn't come with a side of splinters.

If you love a good shish kebab but can't seem to play nice with skewers, don't fret. Thanks to a clever trick from Reddit user J_Kenji_Lopez-Alt, assembling the healthy summer meal is now easy and painless.

Instead of testing your luck as you slip protein, fruit, and veggies onto the sharp wooden stick, simply cut an onion in half and use it as your base. Place the food on top of the onion, then stick the skewer into it, letting the pointy end go into the onion:

onion kebab hack
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Yep, that's right — no more needing a First Aid kit for dinner prep.

Fun, filling, and delicious, skewers combine multiple food groups into one convenient and healthy meal. Even better, thanks to the almost unlimited number of options, there's so much flavor potential that there's no need for salty or sugary sauces.

What are you waiting for? Grab an onion, fire up the grill, and get ready for summer!

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