When You Crave Ice Cream, Is Low- or Full-Fat Better?

Pick your flavor! Just be aware that one scoop, a half cup, is a smart serving size.

Q: When you're craving ice cream, which is better: low-fat or full-fat?

Oz Says: You probably think I'll steer you toward the one with less fat, but a Cornell University study found that when people were exposed to snack foods labeled "low-fat," they ate up to 50% more than when foods weren't labeled that way. "People often assume reduced-fat products are much healthier and let their guard down on portion control," says Alissa Rumsey, R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And higher-fat options generally have better flavor and texture, so you're likely to be satisfied with less. Just keep in mind that both contain hefty amounts of calories and sugar. Scoop a serving into a bowl so you can tell how much you're eating, then stick that tub back in the freezer.

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Love soft-serve? Order the same half-cup serving—about the amount that would fill a small cupcake liner. A cone can easily be four times that.

This story originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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