Why Drink Protein Shakes When You Could Have a Protein Cocktail Instead?

But one of the ingredients might bug you.

If eating insects isn't your thing, how about drinking them? New York City designers Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin are hoping to take "the ick factor" out of bug cuisine with Critter Bitters, a cricket-based cocktail bitter that flavors your drinks in a surprisingly nutritious way. 

You've probably heard it before: Crickets are good for you. The little chirpy fellas are a source of complete protein, meaning they have all nine amino acids the body needs, and a single serving of crickets (3.5 ounces) gets you 13 grams of protein for 121 calories. Not to mention you could very well already be eating insects without even knowing it. The FDA allows 60 insect fragments per 100 grams of chocolate. Yep.

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Protein isn't the only thing crickets have to offer — in Critter Bitters, the toasted crickets add a "sweet, nutty note to drinks." Doesn't sound too bad, right? 

The bitters aren't on sale yet, but you can pre-order yours on Kickstarter. And when you sip on your buggy beverage, you're also saying 'Cheers' to the effort to fight world hunger: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations considers insects to be a solution to the impending food shortage that could help many people from going hungry. We'll drink to that!

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