Breakfast Pasta Is the Brilliant New Food Trend You've Gotta Try

Now this is how we want to wake up every morning.

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Admit it: You've woken up craving pasta at least once in your life. It's OK, we have, too. (Actually, we'll take this truth sesh one step farther and admit to waking up and eating last night's leftover penne straight out of the fridge. Still cold. In our underwear. Hey, we never claimed to be glamorous, OK?)

Anyway... we've got good news for pasta lovers!

It's officially acceptable to eat pasta at all hours of the day. Even for breakfast. Yes, the noble noodle has redeemed itself. July 2016 research even found that people who ate pasta (responsibly) were more likely to have a lower BMI, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio than people who didn't eat pasta. So feel free to enjoy a sensible serving of pasta sans guilt trip.

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The breakfast pasta trend has been popping up all over Instagram, and for a good reason: It can actually be a healthy, fiber-filled way to start your day. No, we're not talking about downing heaps upon heaps of fettuccine Alfredo first thing when you wake up. We're talking about enjoying dishes full of good-for-you noodles combined with veggies and protein.

There's a simple formula to making a tasty breakfast pasta that keeps you fuller longer. (Aren't fiber and protein the coolest?) Here's how it's done:

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4 Steps to a Perfect Breakfast Pasta

1. Pick a pasta: Just make sure it's one serving of something 100-percent whole grain so you actually get your fiber.

2. Pick a veggie (or two): We recommend going for nutrient-rich veggies you'd pick for a salad (the more colorful the better!) rather than high-carb veggies like potatoes.

3. Pick a sauce (if you want): Lighter options like pesto or infused olive oils work well for this, or you could try a nice red sauce — that's low in sodium and sugar — for a stronger savory flavor.

4. Add an egg: Cook it any way you prefer to get some added protein and a little visual reminder that you are indeed eating breakfast.

And that's it! You'll have a heart-healthy concoction that tastes great, won't warp your waistline, and keeps you satisfied until lunch. Need some inspiration? Look no further.

Egg-Topped Macaroni With Ricotta Cheese

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Spaghetti With Spicy Sausage

brasta. (pasta with spicy sausage and tomato sauce + sunny egg + chopped fresh basil)

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Portobello Mushroom Ravioli With Pesto

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Veggie-Packed Spaghetti

Fuel for sitting on a beach. #breakfastpasta

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Spaghetti With Spinach and an Egg

Breakfast pasta is totally a thing, right?

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So say "pasta la vista" to ye olde oatmeal and get ready to wake up tomorrow morning looking like this:

breakfast pasta
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