This Week in Woah: Some Vegans Are Starting to Eat Eggs

There's a new vegan in town.

Yep, you read that right: Meet the egg-eating vegan, or — please remember I'm just the messenger here — "veggan." Don't believe me? Check out #yolkporn, #veggan, and #instaegg on Instagram.

A little background: Going vegan means eliminating all animal products and byproducts from your plate (including honey, dairy, and eggs) and, in many cases, from your life (no leather, fur, wool, silk, and certain cosmetics and soaps). For most, it's all about avoiding the exploitation of animals. Vegans generally believe that buying and consuming eggs of any type is wrong because eggs are not ours to take. It's also worth noting that a vegan diet can be nutritionally adequate without the addition of eggs.

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Veggans, on the other hand, follow a very similar diet — they just include eggs. It's no wonder why they (and many others) have welcomed eggs back onto their plates. Eggs, which were shunned for years because of their cholesterol content, are no longer considered to be a threat to heart health. The average egg provides 6 grams of protein, eye-healthy antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, brain-friendly choline, and a wealth of other nutrients, including selenium, iodine, iron, and vitamins D and B12.

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Some might feel that a veggan is not truly a vegan, but it's not like you're breaking any laws by incorporating some flexibility into your diet. It just depends on your personal preferences and on how strict you feel your diet needs to be. Although a vegan diet that is followed carefully can be healthy, without proper attention paid to all facets of nutrition, this diet could be lacking in protein, calories, vitamin B-12, iron, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and/or calcium. Eggs can help fill the gaps of some of these potential deficiencies for vegans who may be at risk for not meeting those dietary needs.

Aside from the important health benefits, eggs also open up the culinary world of a vegan to an array of recipes they would otherwise not have indulged in. So if you're thinking of going veggan or you're just an egg lover who's always looking for the latest egg-cellent recipe, try my avocado egg muffins. They're great for a Sunday brunch, and any extras are easy to freeze and thaw for mid-week breakfasts. (Sorry, veggans — you'll still need to leave out the cheese!)

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