How to Eat Like Dr. Oz on Vacation

This is your time to kick back and do a little indulging, not to count calories.

eat like dr oz on vacation

Follow my simple strategies to enjoy yourself without overdoing it, for a wholesome, balanced, tasty getaway.

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A Smart Breakfast Routine Is Your Best Friend

At home, plain 2 percent Greek yogurt with berries is my energizing breakfast several days a week. I take that basic yogurt-produce formula with me wherever I go. When I'm visiting my parents in Turkey, it's Turkish yogurt with cucumber and tomato wedges. At a hotel buffet, it's plain yogurt and a scoop of fruit salad. You get the picture. This helps me start each day on a nutritious note — and if I want to go rogue at dinner and order (gasp!) a burger, I know the whole day wasn't a nutritional wash.

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Click Your Way to Yum

Find foodies' favorite spots near the sights you want to see by clicking through blogs, local websites, Yelp, and Instagram. Then you won't waste time and calories at a subpar tourist trap.

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Use Your Hotel Room 'Kitchen'

I wouldn't go so far as to press panini with a hot iron (though I've seen it done), but I do tend to stash my own noshes, like bottles of coconut water, tubs of yogurt, and dinner leftovers, in the minifridge. Another hack that comes in handy: using hot water from the electric kettle or coffeemaker to make instant oatmeal, whole-grain couscous, or tea. (I bring my favorite tea bags from home.)

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Get Brave With Plants

If you're given the chance to eat produce in a new way, go for it. In California, I love seeing oranges go savory in a salad with avocado and red onion. And southern succotash wows me; it adds tomatoes and okra to the lima beans and corn I'm used to. When you find a dish you love, take the recipe home. (It's a far better souvenir than the usual airport key chain.)

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Ask Where the Healthy Locals Eat

Then go there.

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Work Produce Into Every Meal

It doesn't have to be a side salad — though you know me, I won't say no to a salad. Get creative: If you're having barbecue, choosing collard greens over mac and cheese could save you 150 calories. Topping pizza with peppers instead of sausage can lop off 50 calories a slice. And opting for dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries instead of a sundae can shave off hundreds of cals.

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Go Halfsies

You'll get to sample more if you split dishes. At restaurants, Lisa and I like to share two appetizers, a big main course, and a cappuccino for dessert.

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Try the Weird-Looking Vegetable

It might surprise you.

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Go On, Get Dessert

Just stick to one treat a day, and make it really phenomenal. Continental buffets will try to break you with the standard blueberry muffins and pastries, but just remember, you're holding out for something special. Which would you rather have: a stale muffin, or a slice of cherry pie à la mode?

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Get the Right Servings

A drink that comes in a pineapple or a coconut doesn't count as a serving of fruit. (sorry!)

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