Eat Like Dr. Oz: Supermarket Ride-Along

Here's what's on the doctor's supermarket shopping list.

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It's not all kale and walnuts in the Oz fam's grocery cart. Here's how Lisa and I tackle the week's most important chore.

Shopping Strategies

Grab your grocery list, then use these tips to navigate the aisles.

Have a healthy snack before you shop. Do that and there's a chance you'll purchase 25 percent more produce, according to one study.

Model your cart after a wholesome plate. Fruits and veggies should take up twice as much space as protein and whole grains combined. (And treats should take up the tiniest space of all.) If you buy your food this way, it's easier to eat this way.

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Give it the ol' up and down. Some companies pay stores to place their products at eye level. Look above and below to see if there's a better-for-you item (or the same thing for a lower price).

Be a skimming sleuth. Label reading is important, but if I'm in a rush, I look directly at the ingredients list.

Choose self-checkout. It's often more streamlined, so head there to avoid running the gauntlet of last-minute junk food grabs.

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Our Favorite Fall Fruits and Veggies

You guessed it: We spend most of our shopping time in the produce section. Here are five seasonal picks we're loving right now. Get 'em while they're fresh!

1. Whole Beets: In the purple part, you'll find anti-inflammatory compounds that may lower your risk of heart disease. But don't skip the leaves. They're full of vitamin K, and so tasty cooked and mixed into quinoa salads.

2. Rainbow Carrots: They're more than just pretty — the various colors have different antioxidants that can help fight disease. The purple ones contain a flavonoid linked to DNA health, and nutrients in the yellow ones may help your eyes.

3. Kiwis: These fuzzy fruits help you feel full. (Thank you, fiber.) They're more low-maintenance than they look: Just halve one and scoop it out with a spoon.

4. Turnips: Three reasons to love these roots: 1. Refrigerated, they can last for a few weeks. 2. They're delicious roasted. 3. If you blend them and mix them with mashed potatoes, you wind up with a dish that's lower in carbs and calories but just as creamy.

5. Fresh Figs: They taste like nature's candy, but figs have serious nutritional cred. Two big ones net you nearly 4 grams of fiber and ring in at under 100 cals. Tasty in salads with goat cheese or on yogurt.

Our Go-To Convenience Foods

1. Pre-peeled Hard Boiled Eggs

Great when you've got no time to boil water. (Those days happen.) Add one to almost anything (salad, a grain bowl, even toast) for a filling meal.

2. Fast-Cooking Grains

Quickie brown rice for the win. FYI: These grains take less time only because they've already been precooked and dried.

3. Frozen Veggie Burgers

These burgers are tasty on a whole-grain bun with plenty of veggies piled on top. Check the label for real food ingredients — Dr. Praeger's and Amy's make great ones.

4. Refrigerated Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

You can choose exactly what goes on top — so load it up with veggies. Warm pizza topped with freshly dressed salad is a revelation.

5. Frozen Stir-Fry Vegetables

Right up there with the fresh kind, nutritionally. Steam them in a bit of water to avoid mushiness, then panfry them with protein and a low-sugar sauce.

6. Salmon in a Pouch

Don't overlook these bags sold near canned tuna. Stash them in your desk drawer for a busy-afternoon lunch with plenty of omega-3s.

This story originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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