Is Almond Butter Really Better for You Than Peanut Butter?

Dr. Oz has the answer.

Q: Is almond butter really better for you than peanut butter? It's so much more expensive!

Oz Says: Both have about 200 calories and 7 grams of protein in 2 tablespoons. Each has a slightly different nutritional edge, but it's pretty slim. Peanut butter has more folate; almond has more magnesium and vitamin E. Even the fat profile isn't that different: Almond has 1 gram less of saturated fat and about 2 grams more of monounsaturated. Otherwise, they're basically equal.

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So why the sudden almond butter craze? It could be driven by peanut-free classrooms or the popular paleo diet (followers often don't eat legumes). If you love it and don't mind the price, buy the almond stuff. But it's fine to opt for standard peanut butter, too — and then use the money you save to stock up on sunflower seeds and spinach (sources of the magnesium and vitamin E you might be missing out on).

No matter which nut butter you buy, scan the ingredients to be sure it's not loaded with extra sugar.

This story originally appeared in the January/February 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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