Is This Edible Blob Going to Replace Plastic Water Bottles?

Nope, you're not dreaming. A blob made of seaweed could be the coolest new way to stay hydrated.

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See that blob? It's not alive, we promise. It might look like something out of an '80s horror movie, but it might actually be the solution to getting rid of single-use plastic bottles once and for all. Meet Ooho!, the blob that could change how we hydrate forever.

Because it's made out of seaweed, the spherical water container created by Skipping Rock Labs doesn't just hold your H2O — it's also completely edible. Literally no part of this creation goes to waste, and it's just as convenient as your typical plastic bottle. It's strong, hygienic, and also biodegradable. (So you don't have to eat it if you don't want to, but what's life without a little adventure, right?)

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The London-based startup can create these squishy water capsules for about a penny each. According to Fast Company, a blob of water is frozen and then coated with a transparent membrane made of brown algae and calcium chloride (a fairly common food additive). The finished product is water in a bag that looks similar to breast implants, but that's beside the point. All you need to do is take a bite into one of them to drink the water — it's as simple as that.

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Unfortunately you can't get your hands on these blobs just yet, but the team behind the invention has created a crowdfunding page, so they could be heading our way soon.

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