Can't Figure Out What You Feel Like Eating? There's an App For That

It'll put an end to that dreaded 'What should we eat?' argument before it even starts.

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On the list of life's most important questions, "What should I eat today?" is pretty high up there. Even when we have a fridge full of options, trying to decide what to make for dinner is almost as challenging as trying to decide what to watch on Netflix. But luckily for us, a new app is trying to make that crucial decision much easier.

Meet Just Eat, the U.K.-based food ordering app that will soon be able to read your mind — well, face — to determine what you should eat based on your current mood.

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Using face mapping technology that's similar to how Facebook creepily determines who should be tagged in your photos and Snapchat transforms you into a cute little puppy dog, Just Eat scans your face for different emotions. After checking for specific signs — like frown lines, for instance — the app determines whether you're sad, happy, disgusted, angry, fearful, or surprised. Then it suggests foods, based on research from experimental psychologist Charles Spence, PhD, that may be particularly good for you depending on whatever your mood is at that moment.

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"There's a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your mood has a significant impact on your taste and smell — it can deaden or liven the effect of both," Dr. Spence told The Telegraph. "A reverse of this is also believed to be true — that food can have a number of affects [sic] on your mood."

So no, the app probably isn't going to recommend eating a dozen donuts when you've got a case of the Mondays. Instead, it focuses on the ways nutrition can improve your mood, such as telling someone who's feeling stressed to eat foods that contain magnesium (like nuts and dark chocolate) or someone who's feeling excited to eat foods that'll regulate blood sugar levels (like legumes and whole grains). Pretty cool, huh?

There's not a specific date set for the mood mapping feature to be released on Just Eat, but it's expected to be available by the end of the year in the U.K. As for the U.S., we're still waiting to hear the details. Until then, guess we'll just be stuck playing our usual game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo...


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