Meet Juicero, the First At-Home Cold-Press Juicing System

Our juice prayers have been answered.

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Imagine a world in which getting a fresh glass of juice didn't require shelling out half your paycheck at a too-hip-for-you juice bar or, alternatively, running to the crowded farmers' market to buy fruit and veggies, lugging said produce home, washing it, chopping it, dragging out a juicer, doing the actual juicing, and then cleaning up the mess afterward. Oh, and then letting the leftover fruit and veggies go to waste because you forget about them in the back of the fridge. Just... imagine.

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Well, it looks like that world may be closer to reality than we thought thanks to a new kind of juicing product called Juicero. It's being touted as the first-ever cold-press juicing system you can have in your own kitchen. Because it has the same industrial-grade force as the big machines used by juicing companies, the quality of the juice is just as good — if not better — than what you buy at the store. And you don't even have to leave your own kitchen to get it. For fresh juice fiends like us, it almost sounds too good to be true, but it's not — we made and tasted it ourselves.

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Juicero founder and creator Doug Evans came up with the idea three years ago when he wanted to have the same quality of juice at his fingertips that he had during his time as CEO at Organic Avenue.

Doug Evans, founder and creator of Juicero.

"I've been juicing for 25 years, and I've had most of the popular consumer juicers. I've also had most of the large commercial and industrial juicers, and they operate entirely differently," Evans says. "When I left Organic Avenue, I had no access to juice, but I was used to having this state-of-the-art juicing equipment at my disposal. I couldn't go back to a home juicer because there were no home juice presses. I made a decision that I wanted a personal juice press and the criteria for it was that it had to be easy to use and easy to clean."

After a whole lot of buzz, his vision has officially come to life. Now a push of a button can get you raw, organic juice made with hand-selected produce from local farms. (Another perk? Actually being able to get in the 2015 Dietary Guideline's recommended 5 cups of fruit and veggies a day.)

And when Evans says easy, he means easy: Juicero uses packs of chopped, fresh produce that are delivered to your door. Much like a coffee machine that uses pods, when you're ready for a glass of juice, all you do is open the machine, put the pack in, and press a button. Two minutes later you'll have cold-pressed juice extracted right from the flesh of the plants. And nothing goes to waste — the leftover pulp can be used in things like tea and soup.

Right now Juicero is only available in California, but they plan on expanding nationwide this year. It has a hefty price tag with the machine retailing for $699 and the packs at $4 to $10 each, but it might be well worth it for anyone who wants to take their juicing obsession to the next level.

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