What Tracee Ellis Ross Eats in Day to Maintain a Body She Loves

'It has to pass two tests: Not only taste good in my mouth, but it also has to feel good in my stomach.'

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Despite being daughter of legend Diana Ross and a Golden Globe winner for her role as the sharp-but-funny mom on "Black-ish," Tracee Ellis Ross is just like most of us — she had to learn how to love her body after years of insecurities.

Ross explained to Health magazine, "I've been — to a certain extent — at odds with my body for many years, wanting it to be something other than it was, wanting myself to be something other than I was."

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"Then, in my 30s, I started to get comfortable with the largeness of my personality. The same thing with my butt," she said. "I tried getting really, really skinny, and I learned that no matter how thin I got, I was still gonna have a butt."

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She previously told People that her love of cooking has helped her appreciate her body much more now at 44 than during her childhood. Makes sense, considering Ross loves to eat.

In fact, she has developed a few tests on eating healthy without sacrificing taste.

"It has to pass two tests: Not only taste good in my mouth, but it also has to feel good in my stomach," she told Health."So a lot of foods that are good in the mouth, 10 minutes later? I'm cursing myself."

So what passes her test — and helps her maintain that body positive spirit?


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No early morning breakfasts here! Ross told Bon Appetit that her body needs to by fully awake before she can eat her morning meal. But once she's awake, she'll mix it up every morning.

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"I love cereal, and I'll always combine it with a raw almond milk," she said to the food mag. "Sometimes I'll switch it up and go with a protein shake, especially if I just worked out. Sometimes I'll just do a piece of toast with butter and jam so that I'm not running on empty."


Ross told ELLE her favorite meals are early lunch and dinner, where she often varies her food choices between days.

"I do an earlier lunch with hardboiled eggs and quinoa," she told Bon Appetit. "Maybe I'll also sauté some vegetables to go with that, or do a Happy Egg Sandwich from the farmers' market. Basically it's the time when I want a nice scramble on toast with butter."


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Ross loves going to different farmers' markets to pick up all sorts of fresh goodies to include in her daily meals. She told Cooking Light that she tries to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods, and something fresh and alive everyday (like a salad or a piece of fruit).

Oftentimes, dinner at the Ross compound includes grilling salmon or steak, making salads, and then topping everything with Brazilian nuts.

"Dinner can be salads with protein in it, or I'll do a grilled or broiled steak or salmon, or baked chicken and a salad, or sautéed asparagus or something like that," she told ELLE.

Her go-to steak tip? "I season it with truffle salt, pepper, oregano, and olive oil," she told Bon Appetit. "And then when it comes out of the broiler, I squeeze half a lemon on it. It's excellent."

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She's Known for Her Salads

She's been dubbed the "salad queen" by her friends and family because she often comes up with "crazy" (and delicious!) salad recipes.

"I was proud of the one I did over Christmas: I did butter lettuce and red oak lettuce with a raw goat cheddar cheese, shallots, crushed Brazil nuts, and pomegranate seeds doused in lemon and olive oil," she told Bon Appetit. "Another favorite recent salad goes well with steak — just romaine chopped with corn, red onion, and hearts of palm with lemon and olive oil."

She Shows Self-Love By Cooking

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"I taught myself how to cook, because I really liked good food," she told Bon Appetit. "Now, I find cooking to be a meditative experience. And it's one of the ways I nourish myself and show myself love. Food is a fuel for our lives, so I like to eat food that tastes good and feels good."

Time to amend our diet plans to follow her sage advice.

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