How to Choose and Open a Coconut

Don't let this superfruit's intimidating exterior keep you from taking advantage of its versatile interior.

Considering how many ways coconuts can be used to benefit your health — from a great moisturizer to a fiber-filled snack — it would be wrong to avoid these delicious fruits just because they're tough to crack. Follow these steps to pick a ripe coconut, open it, and enjoy every last bit!

How to Choose a Coconut

When perusing the produce aisle for coconuts, you want the young and fresh ones that don't have cracks and black or pink mold. Make sure to give em' a good shake and listen — do you hear the coconut water swishing around inside the shell? If so, it's ripe and ready to come home with you.

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What You'll Need to Open a Coconut:

  • hammer
  • clean screwdriver
  • towel

How to Open a Coconut:

  1. Place the coconut on a towel to prevent it from slipping.
  2. Find the three black "eyes" on the shell and rest the pointed end of the screwdriver on one of them.
  3. With the hammer, gently hit the screwdriver to pierce a hole in the eye and repeat with one of the other two remaining eyes; you should now be able to easily pour all of the water out into a bowl.
  4. Make sure the water is clear. If it's opaque, toss the coconut.
  5. Once you've completely drained the fruit, use the hammer to crack the shell open — it should smell fresh and clean, not fermented.

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