Vegan Galaxy Toast Is No Cosmic Joke

Talk about a stellar way to start your day!

Not sure if you realized this yet, but we're living in the Toast Era. Think about it: Toast inspo has seen no limit of imagination, creativity, and sheer beauty recently. But now it's time for all toast varieties — from sweet potato and avocado to unicorn and mermaid — to step aside, because our #ToastGoals have officially gone intergalactic.

Meet Galaxy Toast:

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Yes, really. No, you can't have a bite of ours.

It's the most Instagram-worthy food we've seen all week, but there's more to this gorgeous space-themed breakfast than just its looks: It's also vegan-friendly! So pretty much anyone can go to the moon and back with this yummy day starter, dietary restrictions be darned.

You only need a few ingredients to replicate vegan chef Sam Murphy's stunning creation: vegan cashew cream cheese, black sesame tahini, vegan food dyes (or other natural veggie powders, such as blue spirulina or blueberry powder, according to Best of Vegan), and star sprinkles and edible glitter.

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Murphy told Pop Sugar how she made her delightful concoction:

  1. Mix vegan cashew cream cheese with black sesame tahini
  2. Divide the cream cheese mix into a few separate bowls with different vegan food dye colors
  3. Spread the different colored cream cheeses across the rye bread to create a marbled effect
  4. Top with star sprinkles and edible glitter
  5. Take a picture (obvs)
  6. Enjoy!

Brunch, anyone?

[h/t Pop Sugar]

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