Sweet Potato Butter Is the Fall Staple Your Tastebuds Need

Sorry pumpkin, we found something better.

By late summer, we've all enjoyed our fair share of honey, apple butter, sweet and savory jams, and anything and everything avocado. (Pause button: If, for some inexplicable reason, you haven't enjoyed these things yet, we'd recommend getting on that ASAP.) We will never stop loving those summertime flavors. But as the season starts to change, our food cravings will, too.

Not long from now, we'll be on the hunt for all things pumpkin spice — shotgunning lattes like our lives depend on it and hoarding candles to fill our homes with the quintessential autumn aroma. But what if we told you there's another fall flavor out there that's got pumpkin spice beat — and you can make it from scratch in under an hour?

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If you think we're crazy for wanting to cheat on pumpkin spice, hear us out: Sweet potato butter, which only takes a handful of ingredients to make, is so delicious that we know it's about to become a fall staple in your house. Healthy Happy Mama created a recipe that's full of fiber, potassium, and a whole lot of vitamins, and the ways to use it are practically endless.

This butter makes the perfect healthy toast topper, and it tastes great when added to oatmeal or mixed into Greek yogurt. You can also swap out peanut butter and spread some on an apple or banana. However you use it, the result will definitely be sweet.

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