This Genius Cauliflower Sloppy Joe Recipe Saves You More Than 100 Calories

Don't even get us started on the sodium levels.

Oh, sloppy Joe. You were the hero of our elementary school lunches, our weeknight dinners when it was Dad's turn to cook, and our white T-shirts that were waaay too clean. We're not ashamed to admit it: Few things are as satisfying as a mouthful of sloppy Joe. But considering one sandwich racks up at least 300 calories and 1,600 mg of sodium, sloppy Joe is definitely an imperfect hero. Until now.

Blogger Krista Teigen of Destination Delish came up with a veggie-based recipe that's got half the calories but just as much of the flavor. Using a base of finely chopped cauliflower, her Buffalo Cauliflower Sloppy Joes come together in a few simple steps.

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Just add some chopped carrots and celery and cook the mix until it's the texture of meat, then add in some tomato paste and hot sauce. Bam! A sloppy Joe alternative that's great for everyone — vegetarians, vegans, and waistline-watchers alike. Finally, the hero we need and deserve.

(But if Cauliflower Sloppy Joes aren't your thing, don't give up on the versatile veggie just yet! Try some crispy cauliflower wings, mouth-watering cauliflower pizza, or even cauliflower steak. Because yes, cauliflower steak exists, and it is delicious.)

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