Move Over, Oatmeal: Zoats Is Exactly the Upgrade Your Breakfast Needs

Zucchini for breakfast? Don't mind if we do.

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Veggies keep on sneaking their way into our food, but we're becoming more and more OK with it.

First black beans weaseled their way into our chocolatey brownies. Then sweet potatoes totally mastered disguising themselves as toast. Now (drumroll, please!) zucchini is making its way into our warm and cozy morning oatmeal. But somehow, it works.

Zoats, aka a weirdly delicious zucchini and oatmeal combo, has been popping up more and more on Instagram. And considering how many people on Instagram post pictures of their breakfasts, the 35,000+ pictures currently boasting the #zoats hashtag don't lie: This is definitely a food trend worth trying.

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By adding shredded zucchini to your pot as you cook up your oats, you're not only getting a healthy dose of vitamin C, but you're also making your meal double in size without adding hardly any extra calories. And because one cup of plain cooked oatmeal easily adds up to 200 calories and might not completely fill you up, adding a veggie is a great way to give your breakfast a substantial and satisfying boost.

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Also, just look at all the options waiting for you to devour:

Chocolate Zoats

Breakfast this morning was chocolate zoats with homegrown courgette - perks of having family in the country 🌱

A photo posted by Stacey Horler (@goodnessisgorgeous) on

Berry and Walnut Zoats

Snickers Zoats

Nectarine and Nut Zoats

Pumpkin Zoats

Basically, the options are endless. The next time someone tells you to eat more vegetables, we think you'll have that department covered.

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